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Hello fellow CS users!

It’s Easter on CS - what better time to start up a trading blog? To kick things off I’m holding a giveaway for this pretty orange grinner. All you have to do is reblog with your CS username for a chance to win! A winner will be chosen April 15th!

You don’t have to follow me to win but make sure you do to stay tuned for some tips on getting those missing event pets!










Dammit I forgot to bring my pineapple to class

Fun fact: One time in my English class, this dude walks in like 10 minutes late. He’s carrying a pineapple with him. I figure he needs it for something later on in the day so I don’t think anything of it. Well about 5 minutes after he sits down, this dude pulls out his pineapple, starts turning it around in his hands, stares at it, and STARTS EATING IT. SKIN AND EVERYTHING. I DIDNT EVEN KNOW PINEAPPLE SKIN WAS EDIBLE. I don’t think I had ever been more confused in my life. I wish I still had the picture I took of it saved on my phone.

Oklahoma is a strange state

You have no idea

Reading that was an experience

i found the pictures


oh okay


today my nephew (who’s recently decided that he’s a wizard) came round and showed me his book of spells (a folded a4 piece of paper) - i looked at it expecting to see spells to turn people into frogs and to make you fly etc but the only thing he’d written was a spell to make people smile
and i think he must be a wizard because i smiled pretty big

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